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CRSG Overseas Branch helps empower the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference.


  From October 14 to 16, 2021, the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference was held in Beijing. With the theme of Sustainable Transportation and Sustainable Development, the conference brought in 14 events including plenary session, ministers' forum, theme session, sci-tech innovation forum, entrepreneurs' forum, etc., and more than 130 Ministers of Transportation, representatives of entrepreneurs, heads of international organizations, etc. held dialogues in various fields such as people's livelihood, green development, safe development, connectivity, response to the epidemic and economic recovery. The outcome document Beijing Declaration was released to put forward an action initiative to strengthen transportation cooperation and provide a framework for action to implement the transport-related goals of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

  In order to support the hosting of the conference, CREC selected 40 contact persons within the whole Group with strong language  ability and high quality, cooperating with the Organizing Committee for contact, reception and other service guarantee works. During the preparation, CREC also conducted special training for all contact persons to ensure the quality of services. He Kaiyue, Peng Tian and Wei Hejia, personnel of CRSG Overseas Branch, were finally selected into the CREC contact group, responsible for online and offline connection with officials from Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Suriname respectively.

  Li Xiaopeng, Minister of the Ministry of Communications of China, and relevant CREC executives highly affirmed the hard work of the contact group in the past three months.


  Northeast Asia and South Asia contact groups participate in the closing ceremony.


  Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa delivers a speech online and the Zimbabwean envoys to China participate in the offline meeting.


  The South American contact group makes a collective appearance at the conference.


  Yu Tengqun, Member of Standing Committee of CREC Party Committee, Vice President, General Counsel, has a group photo with the contact persons.